Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am beyond exhausted after a week of constant school and evening activities!
I think we are all very ready for summer!
John has finished his writing for the year, and also his maps book.
All of the boys are almost done with Spelling and English.
John will finish Math in a month but I am afraid Brendan will have to do his until the end of June, because he had to start it late, due to finishing up his Abeka 3 math book. He is just SO good at Math! I have no idea where that came from. He hardly ever misses a problem and he aces his all his tests. I wonder what that feels like? This isn't an easy course. He is doing the 4th grade Saxon book. I have a feeling that he will decide to do something really physical, like become a pilot or a firefighter though. I just don't see him wanting to sit in an office. He really doesn't enjoy sitting much. I just want him to do something he loves.

Paul is whipping through math and I am about to let him consolidate his reading and History because right now he is just reading great books for History until the end of the year. He loved "Ben and Me" and "Mr. Revere and I". He is reading about a boy who lives during the Revolutionary War right now.
He is not playing the piano until Oliver! is over. He sings his songs everyday and they do hours of rehearsal several days a week. I think that's plenty. He says he thinks he wants to be an actor or a marine biologist when he grows up. Right now he is busy being Paul, and occasionally he becomes his alter-ego Frank, the snowboarding teddy bear hamster. He is a superhero with amazing hamster powers. He even does a hamster voice. Seven is really a trip!

John has started building models. He has a jet liner that he is starting. He saved his money and ordered it through Amazon. He has been very patient about waiting until Tim can help though.
Tonight we had Lilly for the evening and I had to go to BJs, so modeling wasn't happening.
John has also started drawing planes and is loving that!

I just want to get out in the yard and start getting the garden in shape, and I am itching to something to the house, but everything I want to start on requires something either expensive, or a professional. I am dying to do the kitchen, even just the ceiling repair, but the guy that we want to have do it is swamped right now. So I have to be patient. Oh Well. I guess it is saving money to wait.

Mom and Dad will be here next week! It's going to be so great to have them here. I hope they have an easy trip and don't get too tired. I just want to spend time chatting. The boys want to hang out with Grandpa.
It is so hard having them so far away and only getting together once in awhile.

Well, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully not quite as crazy. I do have to work in the afternoon, but the school day should be short so we'll have a little more free time.
Paul's 1st Communion Class will make their first communion on Saturday and Paul will walk up with them. They will also do the May Procession on the 10th and he will have his Grandma and Grandpa there for that! Maybe I can make progress on the yard this weekend and get some pictures posted!

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