Friday, April 10, 2009

Lego and Good Friday

Our Good Friday was very special.
We went to the Stations at noon, and the boys really participated! They sang and read all the parts.
We came home and watched the Crucifixion in "Jesus of Nazareth" and then we followed it with a Meditation by Radix on The Passion of Christ. It is amazing! A one man Passion Play. We got it years ago, from John's Godmother, and we watch it every year.

Later on, we went up to Port Deposit to St Theresa's for the Good Friday service and veneration of the Cross.
Again, the boys were very attentive and participated so well!

Paul was inspired by all that he heard today about the story of the Passion, and when he came home, he decided to build a Lego model of his interpretation of the Passion.

Here is Barabbas in jail.

Here is Pontius Pilate.

This is Pontius Pilate and Jesus on the Cross. You can't extend the arms...

Here is the tomb. Yes, that soldier is wearing army green, but it works.

And the tomb closed with the stone in front of it.

We are going to have a nice Saturday tomorrow, since Tim came home today from Kentucky!
Tomorrow night is Easter Vigil!!

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Andrew & Laura said...

LOVE it! How creative! I'll have to show Lucy in the morning!