Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flowers All Around!

Last night Tim came home with lovely roses for my birthday. He is so thoughtful!
They are beautiful!

The Lilacs are blooming outside, and I have been enjoying the way they spread their lovely aroma every time I open the windows.

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when my neighbor came by with a huge armful that he had cut for me!
He said "I know you won't come over and cut them yourself, so I thought I'd bring you some." He is such a sweet guy!
I brought them in, put them in the sink, and put a very wet, disgruntled, bumblebee outside.
I found my grandma's old pitcher, and here is how they look:

I have a mild allergy to Lilacs so my throat is a little scratchy, but the house smells so good, It's worth it!

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Andrew & Laura said...

I looooove the lilacs! They look so cute in that pitcher! And of course roses are always good. Good job, Tim!