Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Times

What a wonderful week we have had this week!
Laura, Lucy and Molly came to stay for a few days. It was so much fun to have them here. Here is Lucy on the inflatable mattress. She had a smaller mattress next to it so that she could sleep next to her mom. The portacrib was set up for Molly, so the room was just basically one, big bed!
The kids loved it!
Monday morning was a school morning, but everyone had a good breakfast first!
John was busy helping the second grade at Good Shepherd make Rosaries, so we did a shorter day of school.
Later, Laura and the girls hung out at home, and the boys and I did some errands. Paul had rehearsal three nights this week, but Paula drove last night, Bless her! Nina and Lilly dropped by and the girls got acquainted again. That's always rough going at first. Toddlers have a hard time appreciating each other.

Tuesday we had a full school day. Laura went to dinner with friends and I had to take Paul to rehearsal again. We got home about 9:30!

Last night was so much fun! Nina, Johnny and Lilly came up and we had dinner. The girls played so nicely together and we had such a great visit. They surprised me with an impromptu birthday party and apple pie! Yum! Paul treated us to a performance of "Food" from Oliver!

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