Sunday, April 26, 2009

A SUMMERY Weekend!

It's not summer yet, but it finally seems like it's coming.
We got a wonderful preview this weekend. It's gloriously warm, the flowers, trees and even the butterflies are out, and so were we!

Friday we went back to the aquarium for Brendan's official "Birthday" date.
All the boys get to choose something fun to do with the family.
Paul chose the movies, Brendan chose the aquarium, and I think John is planning on a trip to the Air and Space Museum.

We went ahead and joined the aquarium. It's just cheaper all the way around, and then we can go as often as we want.Here is a view of the Inner Harbor from the second floor.
We have joined the Science Center, the Franklin Institute in Philly and now we'll use this membership for this year. Brendan is just crazy about all the creatures that they have down there!
Can you see the Crocodile in this picture?

Saturday I had a day with Lilly. It was too beautiful to stay in the house, so I took her down to the Promenade and we walked almost the whole thing. Well I walked, she ran. We saw geese, ducks, boats and kayaks. She climbed on EVERY bench,and was very interested in all of the activity.

We came home and had dinner and just spent the evening doing quiet things.

I have been trying to finish the summer/winter clothing switch. It has taken two days!
Paul also had rehearsal today. It was an outdoor rehearsal and it was great! The kids are doing really well.

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