Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

This is a beautiful version of the song "Were you There?"
The images are from the movie "The Passion of The Christ", so they are graphic.
Just want to let you know.
On this HOLY day, as we reflect on the suffering and death of Our Lord, we are humbled by the incredible love of Our Father in Heaven. He gave us His Son, who gave us His very body.
In the horror and tragedy, there is also the beauty of the ultimate GIFT, the ultimate LOVE. We look at Him on the Cross and we see the suffering Lamb who was slain. We see Love. He looks at us,from the Cross, and he sees His children, the lost sheep that He has come to save. He is LOVE.

Thank you,Dear Jesus, with all we have, for all YOU have done, and still do, for us.
We Trust In You.

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