Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Havre de Grace TEA Party

Today is Tax Day, April 15th.
To celebrate, the boys and I braved the nasty rain and cold, and showed up at Tydings Park to participate in our local Tea Party.
There were probably a couple of hundred people there. We carried signs, listened to a couple of speeches, and just basically wanted to show our opposition to the way the economic issues are being addressed.
It was quite enlightening.

John wrote a few questions out and interviewed a friend of ours that showed up.
I'll post it tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Great!! So glad you had the experience and joined with others across the nation. We will look forward to John's write-up.
We went to DMC Novena and we were going to the TEA Party after but it was over at around 3:00. Phooey! We heard there was a good crowd there, as was the case all over the country.
We listened to many people on Dave Ramsey, telling what their experiences were. A good day in America; let's hope someone is listening!
Love, Mom