Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey, I signed on to Twitter. I'm gonna see what I think. There are some SERIOUS Twitterers out there. I'm still on the learning curve and I am hesitant to try it on the phone b/c I don't know how many texts I would get. I'd like to update from my phone, but I don't want to get all the updates of the folks I am following as texts. Yikes! That could be spendy!
I obviously don't know enough about it yet. I'll figure it out soon.
You can find me there, if you want, I'm: jmjr4all.

On another technology front, I've finally overcome my long and ugly Home School Tracker bugaboo.
I have been fighting it since the beginning of the year. I finally broke down and traded about five emails with their lovely tech-support people, and I am on track! Life is good!

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