Sunday, May 3, 2009

Truth In Coach - Envoy

I love this story...
It just reminds me that we never know who God might be placing in our path or why.
We just have to speak the Truth with Love and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

Airplane Apologetics
Coffee, Tea, or Truth?

By Kevin Murphy

Finally Saturday morning had arrived and I was scheduled to return home from a four-day business convention in Phoenix, Arizona. I arrived at the airport early, anxious to get home to see my wife and kids. The airline I'd chosen had a "first come, first served" policy of seat selection, so I had my pick.

I chose the corner seat in the very last row. This location, I thought, would enable me to study my Catechism of the Catholic Church without interruption for the full two and a half hours we'd be in flight. I needed the time to make sure I was keeping up with our parish catechism class. In addition, I'd recently been asked to speak at a men's conference in Kansas City, so I thought God might give me some in-flight inspiration. Little did I know . . .

As I settled into my seat the stewardess announced that we would have a full flight. Before long two young gentlemen occupied the seats next to me. Tim took the middle chair and his friend Mike sat on the end.

Tim watched as I kept going back and forth from the Bible to the Catechism. Finally he asked, "Are you a theology student?" I was so intent on what I was reading that I didn't reply immediately. But after a few seconds, I answered, "No."

I could sense that the conversation wasn't over, so I muddled something about preparing for a Catholic men's conference. Tim and Mike, as it turned out, were United Pentecostal preachers returning from a convention of their own.

Almost immediately on takeoff, Tim launched into his testimony. He explained that a girlfriend had once invited him to attend a United Pentecostal Church. One evening as they had entered the church together, Tim's girlfriend had gone to do something and left him alone.

Wandering through the church, Tim had seen a man being baptized. As he'd approached the baptismal font, he'd felt a hand on his shoulder and looked around expecting to find his girlfriend. But much to his surprise, no one had been there. Suddenly Tim had realized that "it was the Holy Spirit." A "rush" had come on him, and he'd exclaimed to the minister that he too wanted to be baptized.

I listened as Tim finished his story and then began to launch into my own testimony. I wondered if he'd ever heard a Catholic give his testimony. God had done great things in my life, and I was excited that Tim had given me the entrée to tell about them.

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