Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a Beautiful Friday...

Of course the biggest reason is because it is Friday. We love the end of the week.
We also love Fridays at the end of the school year.
We finished up our Science book today!!! Now we just have a bunch of experiments to do next week and sometime this summer we are going to visit some caves. The boys have done some really nice work for Science this year. Their projects are colorful and informative, and they are now enjoying looking back at what they have learned.
John is also very interested in Botany. He wants to investigate all kinds of plants and how they grow. This is the perfect season for it. We have to go out and plant his Sweet Peas. He started them in the little peat pots and they are about 4 inches tall!

We are going to play a game for Math today. John "invented" it. The boys have been studying geometric transformations and John came up with a game using triangles that will teach them to use the different terms to move each player's pieces around.
We will be doing Math for quite a while yet. We have quite a few lessons, but it's not so bad when the other subjects start wrapping up.

John also built a glider out of k'nex and grocery bags. It really flies!
Brendan just finished up the book he was reading for History. He is wondering why historical figures, Pocahontas in this case, always had to die horrible deaths. I know this is not the case, but that's just something that he has been thinking about. He has to finish his Geography notebook.
He has been mapping a couple of states each week and he is doing a really nice job!
I don't think he likes it much, but it has been a good exercise.

He did build a really cool crane out of Legos on his lunch break. He does like that!

Another nice thing about today is that there is nothing on the calendar, and that is so rare these days!
I want to get out and mow the lawn, and I need to do some housework, but it's just a quiet day.
Tim is doing OK. Not great. He is really tired and he says that his pain doesn't seem to be getting much better, which is not good. Usually, by the end of the first week, he is feeling much better. We are watching things and since there is no fever, and the site looks like it is healing, we are going to wait a while before we call the doc. I just hate seeing Tim feeling so lousy. It's not like him, that's for sure.

The weekend is going to be all Oliver!
Paul has rehearsal tomorrow from 5:00 to 9:00 and then Sunday from 2:00 to 7:00!
Good thing he loves it so much. I can't imagine dragging him up there so often and for so long if he didn't. We have to go out and find him some "urchin" shoes. They provide all the costumes and props and everything, but they didn't have his size. The woman who is doing the costumes must be a saint! It is a huge job!

I am off to help Brendan with the last bit of school and get the school room cleaned up for the weekend. YEA!!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed all this news very much. So sorry though at Tim isn't feeling that great yet. He'll need that extra week, probably. We have been praying about his recuperation.
We were going to call John to see how his sweet peas are doing. We hope he gets an abundance of flowers from them. We both love sweet pea flowers.
It seems to weird to think we were just there, and now we are back to reading about you all. We sure had a special time!
Love, Mom and Dad