Saturday, May 9, 2009

Such a Gift!

Well we are impatiently waiting for Mom and Dad/Grandma and Grandpa, to arrive at BWI!
They will be here for a week and we are all so excited!
It is really warm, and we don't have our a/c installed yet, so I hope the weather cools off for them. It should. May is always such an up and down month here.

It rained for about four days and all the plants and the grass are as green as can be! We were finally able to mow yesterday and this morning I went out and put "weed and feed" on the lawn to fertilize and also to get rid of the dandelions that are trying to take over. It appears to have worked.

We are also working on some scenery for "Hamlet", which the coop is putting on. We made a landscape tapestry, a graveyard back drop and a bookcase back drop which the Hoppels will finish at their house.
Next weekend we will all head over to Aberdeen for the performance. It sounds like it will be really well done! I'll take lots of pictures.

Paul is at rehearsal today and Tim and John are off to confession and Home Depot.

I got my futon mattress this afternoon, so Tim can build this, but not before mom and dad get here. I guess they can use it under the air mattress. This bed pulls out into a double bed. I think it will work well for the guest room.

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