Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Karen's Blog...

This is a beautiful poem.
It brought to mind so many couples I have known that have been separated by death.

One Day We'll Unite

I originally wrote this for someone that lost their spouse. But, I decided that it could mean something to anyone that lost a loved one. Last week my brother, Dave, who passed away in 2001 would've turned 30. So, I remembered that I had written this and decided to post this in his memory.

One Day We'll Unite

A lifetime of love that one day was gone
Replaced with loneliness, struggle to go on
Seems the Lord is asking a great deal
For me to live, love, laugh and heal

When I wake in the morning and feel the sun
Stars and the moon to show the day's done
The warmth of the sun, the sparkling star
Proof that the Lord is not very far

But, it's not just the Lord that watches me
It's my love from the heavens that still can see
My soul that still feels, my heart that still loves
The bond we had when you weren't yet above

So, my soul should rejoice that paradise you've found
That the Lord has you safe with arms wrapped around
Although I must wait for the perfection of heaven
Many times all alone with no signs of protection

I'll turn my heart to the Lord in the sky
Knowing both you and He hurt when I cry
And, I'll continue to do the work the Lord has in store
As His plans for me include my earthly life some more

I'll place my trust in the God above
Knowing even family can't compete with His love
And on days when desertion is all that I find
I'll embrace the promise that one day we'll unite

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