Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just to Clarify My Position...

As news of the murder of an infamous abortion practitioner hit the internet today, many, many pro-life groups, blogs, and leaders condemned this act of cowardice. It has set back the hard work of so many credible people.

I am hoping, as I write this, that the killer turns out to be somebody who is just totally outside the circle of rational, hard-working pro-life people. This is not the behavior of someone who values life from conception to natural death, obviously.

George Tiller was easy to vilify, he did heinous things to innocent people, but he has an eternal soul. That is the saddest thing of all. This killer took away Tiller's chance to change his heart, ask forgiveness, and possibly become a force for good in the battle against abortion.

Bernard Nathanson is one example of a doctor who was a leader in the abortion industry and finally saw the work he was doing for what it was. He has done SO much for the pro-life movement. People believe him.
The people who have done the most awful things need the most time!

We will pray for the pro-life movement, for the souls of all those involved, and for the soul of George Tiller. We are pro-life, it's what we do.

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Anonymous said...

Though I feel relief over the fact that the hands of George Tiller can no longer kill, he had a soul. He has now met his final Judge. We can pray that God has mercy on his soul.
Love, Mom