Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pool Time!

Well the Chesapeake Swim Club opened this weekend.
The weather is so perfect for swimming and the boys had a blast yesterday and this afternoon. I have no doubt that we will be there again tomorrow, if the weather holds. Both John and Brendan breezed through the test. Paul wanted to wait and take it next time. He got really cold.

Ah, summer...nothing like it....

Paul was lovin' the goofy hair.

Brendan and his "monster goggles"

John going off the board, I couldn't get one of him diving.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see the boys at their favorite place. We are having beautiful weather here too, but certainly not swimming temperatures yet. Brrrrrrr............
We went to Aidan's 6th party today. When asked who he would like to have come to his party he said "Mr. and Mrs. Hendry" and a new friend, Cynthia, who spends time with the H. kids. We had a really nice time.
Hope Tim is feeling better and better each day.
God bless, Mom and Dad