Friday, May 8, 2009

A Beautiful Tribute to Motherhood...

I wanted to share this beautiful creation from Barbara's blog.
God Bless all of you moms out there! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mother and Child photo album - Happy Mother's Day to you!

I am very excited! I've been working on a special project - a gift for you for Mother's Day. And I can't wait any longer to give it to you. Besides, if I give it to you early, you can pass it on to other moms too!

~~Mother and Child~~

We mothers carry so many burdens - and with little recognition or reward: no paycheck, performance reviews, report cards, medals, or trophies. But that's the beauty of our work: so challenging and yet so spiritually rewarding. It's just between us and God. That connection seems to come in the quiet moments with our children, when we feel the trust God has placed in us to do our best by the children He has placed in our care.

Happy Mother's Day from Barbara!

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