Monday, May 18, 2009

Hamlet - A Homeschool Play

We were very honored to have been able to attend, and participate in, a wonderful presentation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet", presented by on of the co-ops in our group and adapted and directed by my friend Paula Hoppel.

She had lots of help!

There were many hands that went into making this production so memorable.

The kids who played all the parts were just amazing! I don't know how many lines our "Hamlet" memorized, but it was almost the whole play, and it was Shakespeare's own words!
The kids carried the message perfectly and the whole plot came through perfectly, even the humor!
I was amazed.
John got to be the backstage hand and he loved it! It was his job to make sure that everything was set up and all the props were in the right place. He did great!
He loved it too! Paula and Lisa Tellup were very patient coaches.

This was hopefully one of many plays to come!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! What more can we say? We enjoyed the play so much. Paula is a very talented director and the young people were superb. We just couldn't get over how well they did at remembering ALL those lines - hundreds of them!
We were proud of John wanting to work hard with props and set-up. Without the crew, the play can't happen!!
Love, Mom and Dad