Monday, May 25, 2009

A Floral Moment

I had to get out and get pictures of what is blooming in the yard before it's all gone.
It's such a short time for the Peonies. I wait for this week every spring...

They are so beautiful but they are already so full that soon they will be gone.

My Irises bloomed while Mom was here and she got a very nice picture for me. I would have missed them in all the activity, so I really appreciated that.

John has started some sweet peas in the back.

They can grow up the little arbor and we can enjoy them later in the summer.
I don't know exactly what this is, but they are spreading all over the flower beds and beyond.
I put it in because it is a butterfly flower and boy, does it get huge!

There will be more planting in the works, because John and I have plans for the box in the back that used to be a sandbox.
We have to get going on that.

Summer is going to be busy, so it will be so nice to have the yard to relax in.

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