Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenten Reading

Lent began Wednesday, of course.
I actually feel like this is going to be a very productive Lenten season.

Months ago I bought this book. I have been saving it for Lent, because I always like to find a story that will inspire me to work harder and pray better and become more Christlike in my daily life. I was so happy to find this story about a very holy woman, St Catherine of Sienna. I know of her, but not a lot about her.
Louis de Wohl has written many, many books on the saints, and I always feel like I know them, as if we have met, after I read one of his books.
I am sad to say that I am almost to the end of the list.
His novels are very historically accurate and so you learn about the person within the context of the time that they lived.
So far my favorites have been "The Quiet Light" about Thomas Aquinas and "The Spear", which is a story about the death and resurrection of Christ and the first Christians. I try to read that around the end of Lent every year.
These are novels, and so are very easy to get into and finish.
I am really looking forward to exploring the life of St Catherine in a more personal way, and I want to meditate on and try to emulate, in little ways, the things that she taught. She was a powerhouse of Catholic thought, but she was also such a gift, as she taught lessons that all of us can use to grow in Holiness.


Suzanne said...

I read The Spear year for Lent and felt like I was standing in the crowd during the uprisings and crucifixion. Very inspiring. Lay Seige to Heaven is also a wonderful read. Enjoy! And be inspired by this strong woman's life. (A real role model for authentic feminism)

Anonymous said...

Ah, St. Catherine of Siena, my patron Saint. I still remember how she appealed to me when I was just 12 and making my Confirmation.
You might be interested in the book "The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena", St. Benedict Press Edition.
It can be ordered through WWW.TANBOOKS.COM.
Happy Lenten reading to you!
God bless,
Mom and Dad