Monday, February 2, 2009

A Poem by a Friend

Here is a poem written by my friend Karen. I wanted to share...

A Simple Prayer (2009)

Lord, give your protection, send it down to me
Keep my mind from crumbling and bless my family

Lord, give your love, wrap me in your arms
Take away my pain, my anxious state of alarm

Lord, give your wisdom, help me to discern
Grasping meaning in Your Word, helping me to learn

Lord, give your peace, beyond my imagination
Peace so deep that I will feel no need for explanation

Lord, give your salvation, cleanse me of my sin
Take my life forever more, change I must begin

Lord, take my prayers, listen to my pleas
Help me trust in you, more often on my knees

Lord, take my worries, lift my mind on high
Rid me of the evil thoughts, from this day til I die

Lord, take my worship, take all I have to give
Help me know that you alone are reason I must live

Lord, take my faith, the faith I have in Christ
My saving faith that confirms my blessed eternal life

Lord, take my confession, forgive me all my wrongs
When the time is Yours, bring me home to angels' songs


Lisa Marie said...

that is BEAUTIFUL- I LOVE IT! :)

Anonymous said...

This prayer is so wonderful. Please tell your friend, Karen, for us. She is a very gifted writer.
Love, Mom and Dad