Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roses and a Movie...

Well, my Roses have bloomed and they are so pretty! I do love roses! Such a timeless expression. It is so nice to look at them on the table.

We also gave each other the movie "Fireproof" and we are going to watch it tonight. It is supposed to be an excellent story about marriage.

I spent the entire day working on the house. From the basement to the boy's rooms it is finally clean!!!
I think after I get the bedroom carpet paid off (next month), I am going to get the small bedroom done, and the stairs on both levels as well. The carpet is really shot.
It is a project that needs to be done, and one that Tim doesn't have to do! Which is nice. If I do it a bit at a time, I won't have a payment hanging over my head.
It is nice to have the house in shape though.
Tomorrow we can have a relaxing Sunday.

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