Friday, February 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well, here are Pictures of our finished bedroom.
Tim did such a nice job! I think I got a better deal on Christmas than he did because he had to do most of the work.
It is just such a nice place to go and read, or have peace and quiet.

This picture is one that my great-grandma painted of her mother, Bedelia.

We had talked about re-framing it, because the frame is so worn. Then we both looked at it and thought, no, it's perfect in that frame...
So, I had it put away during the work and when I brought it back into the room, I was amazed at how the wall in the picture almost matches the new color of the walls. Now the painting, frame and all, looks like it belongs there!


Anonymous said...

Your new room looks lovely! Wow! It has been transformed. The quilt looks great too. Love the color scheme, and the picture Granny Bea painted really goes well, too. How could you ever want to leave your house now, when you have done so many great things to it.
We visited your neighborhood on Google Earth last night. Fun to take a peak.
Love you guys,
Mom and Dad

Tricia said...

Oh I LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous!!! It looks so peaceful!