Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Foxes and Henhouses...

Barbara, at Mommy Life, has some very good videos and commentary on the financial crisis and where it came from. These dots will not be connected on your evening news or daily newspaper.

Please go there, get the information, and share it with others. It's in the interest of our future. We can't just let Socialism walk through the door and pull out a chair for it.

We hear the polished speeches and the rhetoric and these "plans" which are simply socialism wrapped in a package labeled "Stimulus". Do you feel stimulated? Have you checked the stock market over the last couple of weeks? It certainly doesn't seem to be stimulated!

Europe is on the brink of economic collapse. Really...read about it. Any guesses on the prevailing system of government in most of the countries in the EU?

Let's not look back in twenty years and say "We just didn't see the signs." That has happened before in history...

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