Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Let's Pray for Nancy Pelosi

Fresh on the heels of her meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, perhaps now Nancy Pelosi may have the slightest crack in her resolve to take the U.S. as far away from the Culture of Life as she can.
Now is the time to lift her up in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to knock her off her ideological horse.

This is the year of St. Paul, declared by the Church as a year to study the works and life of one of the greatest converts that has ever lived.
Saul of Tarsus was in the business of persecuting and putting to death.
Christ wanted this powerful man for His own purposes, and so he gave him a jolt (lightning, a vision, blindness) and a choice. He asked him to put aside the persecution and work for Him.
St Paul never looked back. He became a new man.

Let's pray for another great conversion. Let's pray that Ms. Pelosi will put aside her passion for the Culture of Death and come back to her Catholic Faith.
Let's ask the Holy Spirit to give her a true passion for life.

We have nothing to lose by praying, it is time well spent and no prayer is ever wasted.
She has everything to lose. Her eternal soul for starters. I hate to think of that for anyone.
She only has to turn back to Christ. He will forgive everything! He loves her so much and wants His daughter home.

We are offering our Angelus and Rosary everyday for this intention.

All our prayers, wherever we are and whatever way that we pray, are heard and answered.
Please join us in asking for the Grace of conversion and repentance for all Catholic politicians that are involved in promoting Abortion.

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