Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Now What, Nancy?

So, what will Nancy do now?

Can't really say no one warned you, and really Nancy, you aren't THAT young.
So, you have to decide...
Is it going to be God or mammon?
When you are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, will there be millions of small voices crying out in your defense or for your condemnation?

You have time Nancy, but only so much....

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Laura O in AK said...

Sad that the Bishop where she lives hasn't drawn a line in the sand for her before. There's a politician down in Louisiana that was voting for some pro-abortion bills and she was told either vote with your faith or leave the Church. She opted to leave the Church rather than change her voting pattern.

Of course, some think they should be allowed the cafeteria style of Catholicism (Pelosi, Bidon, Kerry, etc.) and fall back on the "I vote for my constituents and not my personal beliefs." I don't think a smaller Roman Catholic Church is necessarily a *bad* thing.