Saturday, February 7, 2009

Trip to the National Aquarium -Baltimore

Yesterday was finally the day for our long awaited trip to the Aquarium in Baltimore.
We have wanted to go back for so long, but the cost is prohibitive.
It would cost our family somewhere around 150.00 to go on a regular day. I really don't love fish that much...
Now they have a deal running on Fridays after 5:00, that cuts the cost by about a third.
So we drove in yesterday afternoon, found a great parking garage that is very close to the Inner Harbor, and walked over to Harbor Place to meet Laura and Andrew and Lucy.
We had dinner at the food court in Harbor Place, and then walked over to the Aquarium. It wasn't all that cold and the boys were having a blast.
We got to the Aquarium and since we had prepaid we were able to go right in!
There was so much to see!
No, that's just a picture of a shark behind Andrew and Lucy!

But the Octopus is real...

A Moray Eel...
We did go and watch the dolphin show, it was a highlight for the boys.
Manta Rays...this one had to be over eight feet long if you count the tail.
I have been hearing about it all day. I am so glad we went.
It was a great end to a difficult week.

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