Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We've got Lucy!

Laura was feeling a bit like she needed a break from toddler time today, so I drove over to the Cooke's this morning to pick Lucy up and bring her home. The boys are so excited to have her here. Nina was very generous and came up here to help out with the boys so that they could get school done while I was driving. So they got Lilly AND Lucy today. They are in heaven!

It is very nice that they worked so hard and got so much of their work done early too.
John had a Math test and got it done and did really well! These little people have such a good effect on all the boys! Lucy was studying her music ...
And no, she wasn't boxing with Brendan, she fell down yesterday and bonked her head. It was quite painful yesterday, but it's better. She did it at the OB's office on a step from what I hear.
Glad it wasn't Laura!

We are gonna hang out with Lucy today and wait and see what's going on with Laura. After Mass tonight I will probably take her down to Whitemarsh and meet Sue so that she can go home and go to bed.

Well off to do lunch...
More pics later.

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