Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Day at a Time

Today, as I entered our attendance in our school tracking program, I saw that it had reached 91 days. We are well beyond halfway through our school year.
I am starting to see worn covers on books. The used, wrinkled pages in the workbooks are a sign to me of all the great information that the boys are soaking up.

My file box is getting heavier.
February is a difficult month as far as enthusiasm, but March becomes the month of the swing into Spring and the final stretch to the end of the year.
I am very encouraged by the boys progress.

John is going to have to go into a higher level in his writing program, and I am excited by the way his writing is developing.
Paul has learned almost all 50 states and capitals. That is his geography this year.

Brendan is doing a Geography notebook and is doing a nice job. He will have every state mapped and colored by the end of the year.
He is also doing well in Math and he gets a "day off" from it after most of his tests, as he usually gets an A and that is his reward.

John is out of his reading books now and is doing an independent reading program.
He is going to be reading and writing reports for the rest of the year. He reads so well and he is going to be getting into heavier and more philosophical reading. He loves to discuss the things he reads and he has such good insights.
His Math is going great! He had a couple of tough weeks, but he has gotten back into the groove and is getting good grades on his tests again.

Science with the co-op was a learning experience for both of us. I realized that we are going to have to find some really good Science classes for him as he moves into the higher grades. Teamwork is just too important in that subject.
Our Earth Science book is a year long project,but I do have to say, it is sure a good way to teach varying ages and learning styles.
Both Brendan and Paul are able to follow the book and they are learning so much! Over all, this has been a great year so far, but I am sure that the students, and the teacher will be more than ready when it's over!

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post. It is always special to stay up on what the boys are doing in school.
We are very proud of them and of their teacher, "Mom".
Love, Mom and Dad