Thursday, January 23, 2020


A nice day here in Havre de Grace.
The weather is warmer. Not warm, but not frigid!
Today was so busy!
I went down to Rosary and Mass, got a couple of errands done, and then came home and had breakfast.
After breakfast I went up to Kimie's and we had a very powerful prayer time.
When I got home I got some housework done, and then took Brendan to work.
I picked up something from the parish office and then came home to wait for Lilly.
After she got off the bus, I took her up to the barn so that she could ride.

I came home and waited for my delivery from Amazon.
I got my charging brick and charged it all up, so it's ready for tomorrow!
I packed all my stuff, and will do my lunch in the morning.

Tomorrow is the March for Life, and I should have great pictures from that.
Tonight I just have two cats....

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