Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Just a Day

Today was pretty dreary.  Rainy and chilly.

I kept to my usual routine. After Mass I came home and ate breakfast so that I could leave at 10:00 to go down to see Fr Henry and put away all his Christmas decorations. That is a pretty big job.

He gave me a few boxes of books and I am going to offer them to people. Some really wonderful things to read!

When I got home I found out that my new shoes had come while I was gone.

I have been looking for a simple pair of leather all purpose shoes, and after a LOT of research I found a pair that I thought would work well.
I am so tired of wearing tennis shoes and having my feet freeze.
I have hiking boots, but they are really just for hiking.
I am also tired of the cheap fake leather shoes that fall apart after a short time.

These shoes are Timberlands and they were a very good price.
They are leather and they have a really good sole.
I put them on and wore them for a few hours and they are very comfortable.

They should get better and better.

After dinner I went to a meeting about an event that we are planning at the parish.

Immaculee Illibigiza it going to be coming to do a retreat in March.
She is an amazing woman and it is going to be wonderful.

I will be sharing a lot more as we go along.

Right now we are advertising and selling tickets.

So tonight I am going to work on some ministry stuff and get a few things done around here, and then I am going to watch something and relax...

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