Friday, January 3, 2020

Three in a Row!

Good For me! Third day in a row blogging life....

So the weather is rainy, which is not so great for Tim, since he is still using power tools, but I got to wear my fun rain boots to Mass, so there's that.

We had a great discussion of "Jane Eyre", at Paula'a house,with some of the highschoolers from the co-op.
There were five kids and four parents, and the kids had some really great insights.
Paula also served some really great food!

I certainly enjoyed the conversation.
That is one of my favorite books, and every time I read it I get something new from it.

I told the kids that if you love a book you need to read it every ten years. It is amazing what you see in the story as you get older. I should dig out a couple of my favorites again.

Next time we are doing "The Brothers Karamazov".
I haven't read it so I am looking forward to it.

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