Thursday, January 2, 2020

Day Two....

Today was very nice!
The weather was great. Dry and not too cold, I think it got up to around 53.

Tim and I went to Mass and we saw the Hoppels, then we came home and I got to work on the house, and Tim got to work on the room.

At 1:00 I headed out to the dermatologist who confirmed that I had a problematic spot on my nose. He "took care of it" and after it heals it won't bother me any more.

I went to the grocery store on the way home, and got groceries. We were out of a few important things and a few not so important... I do love goat cheese on my salads.

After I got home I put dinner together. BBQ chicken sandwiches and home-made fries.

TJ is here and the guys are working on their army game pieces in the basement.

I am taking the rest of the night to do some writing.

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