Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Sterling on a stolen bed

Today was COLD!
It was probably in the mid-30s all day and the wind made it really biting!
So glad that it is supposed to warm up for the March on Friday.

After Mass I came home and got started on my reading. I read some Brothers Karamazov and then did some housework. I also spent some time on the test for the TOB course.

This afternoon I went to a friend's house to help her figure out some pieces of her homeschool plan.
They just started and mom says that she is pretty overwhelmed. The student, however, seems to be more than capable, and is a very sweet girl.

I will be giving her tips and helping her out until they get things set up and get into a routine.
They also have a few organizing tasks to get done, so I will be going to help out with that as well.

I can home and we had Taco Soup and salad for dinner.

I should probably get some more work done, but I am running out of energy, so I'll probably watch something until I can go to bed.

I miss football.

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