Monday, January 27, 2020

New Things

It was a very nice weekend. For most of us...

Saturday we wound down after the March for Life.
I went to the grocery store and most of us went to Confession.
Then Tim and I went to Mass so that I could hand out fliers for the Immaculee retreat.

We came home and had dinner and then just watched random stuff on TV.

Sunday we had all day to prepare for Nina's birthday dinner. I made a cake, and a lasagne. I was all ready for the big meal and then Nina called. Dougie was sick....and we had to postpone dinner.
So tomorrow is the big day, and it really is her birthday!!
And now the first little lamb of the year has been born at the farm.

I still have the lasagne and I just have to grab bread and salad. So I 'll call dad and we should have a nice time. Just hope no one else gets sick.

Today was a busy one, with Rosary and Mass, and then Adoration. Then I worked on some things that I had to catch up on.
These are the Lillies that were delivered on Friday!

I made a new fish recipe and it was actually really good!

Paul also finished his taxes!

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