Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It's Almost February...

It's been quite a week so far!
The weather has been agreeable, and so far there is not snow on the horizon.

Yesterday was Nina's birthday, and I was so excited to celebrate with her. I made a big Lasagne, and got her favorite kind of salad, and some bread for garlic bread. I also got her some ice cream. In the middle of the afternoon she texted me to tell me that she had gotten the stomach bug that Dougie had had over the weekend. It's a bad one.
Poor Nina!! Her birthdays just always seem to have an obstacle of some sort.
On her first birthday the tragedy of the Challenger explosion took place, and every year it has been something.
Well, we had the lasagne and Dougie came down and met dad and ate some. He took leftovers up to Nina for later.
This morning she told me that Lilly got sick over night.....
So now we are on watch.
I didn't work today because I didn't want to risk exposing Tom, and I am eating very lightly.
I am gratified to find that I am hungry, so that's a good sign.

I am making a baby blanket in honor of Monica, my spiritually adopted baby. It is nice to be working on something to Bless someone with. I will donate it this Summer at our baby shower for the pregnancy centers.

Tonight we have small group. I am glad we are getting together. I bought some goodies today.
Tomorrow I am going to lie low and see what happens.
Hopefully a lot of nothing.
I will certainly have time to write!

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