Friday, January 10, 2020

Home Again

It was such a wonderful week, and I was so blest to be there, but I am SO glad to be home again!

I was so glad to see John pull up outside the building at Blackrock, and it was a wonderful feeling to pull up to the house, and walk in the door!
I got to catch up with the boys, and dad stopped by.
 I had such a nice afternoon puttering around the house.
Tim came home from work and it was lovely to sit and talk and have dinner.

Tim has done such a beautiful job on our bedroom!
I got my laundry done, did a little bit around the house, and went to the grocery store.
It was all so normal!

I have been thinking about all that we learned, and the time that I had with Jesus.
I feel like this was probably the most transformative course so far, in the area of spiritual growth.
Every time I go, The Lord does wonders in my heart. I keep going over all that He showed me.
Mama Mary was right there with me the whole time, pointing the way to her Son.

And as much as I learned there, in those rooms, under the instruction of some truly brilliant people, I realize, as I have returned to my home and family, that this is where the real learning and growing happens. This is where the Grace flows and my vocation to holiness as a woman plays out.
What a beautiful life we have and what a journey it is.

Praise God!

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