Saturday, January 11, 2020

Ravens Saturday

A  beautiful Saturday for a Raven's game at home in Baltimore!

The weather is actually warm! No rain. It's gonna be a great evening!

The sunrise this morning was so beautiful!

I had to step outside and take a picture.

It has been a very nice day. The weather was warm, I went to the grocery store, and stocked up.
I was able to get all my Christmas stuff put away, and then worked on dinner.

Dad came by and we had Buffalo Chicken Chili for dinner. It was yummy!
I do have to get back to my regular exercise and eating habits though.
Next week, it's up at 5:30!

We watched the San Francisco 49ers beat the Vikings, and then we sat down to what we thought would be another amazing Ravens Game.
It's not going the way we thought. The Titans are a forse to be reckoned with. They are ahead and it's almost the 4th Quarter.

It's a sad thing for Lamar Jackson, who was just stellar all season. But, it's the way it is. The Titans are playing really well, and they aren't giving the Ravens an inch.

Ah well, it is what it is.
Tomorrow is another day.

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