Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Ash Wednesday

 Today Lent begins. It is a fast day and we begin our journey of penitance. 

I am getting up earlier, adding some prayer time, and not eating between meals. That's a tough one, but it is always so good. 

Rush Limbaugh died. It is hard to believe. He has just been there for so long. I have listened off and on since he started his show. I didn't always love his delivery, but I grew to understand his amazing heart and love for his country and his audience. I do believe that he did make a huge difference and a good difference. Just can't believe that we can't tune in and hear his voice again. 

We're going to Mass tonight, as usual and I will go to Adoration at 5:00. I will be going to a Bible Study after 6:30 Wednesday Masses for most of Lent. Our small group will mostly be attend the study so we won't meet on zoom during that time. 

Fr Dale would like April and I to create a zoom course on Theology of the Body. We could present it once a week. I have to write to April and see if she is up for it. 

Got our ashes!

Big snow tomorrow!

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