Saturday, February 13, 2021

Ice Storm Day and Amazing Grace!

 So far it's been a pretty nice Saturday. 

I got up a little later than usual, got my coffe and did my prayers in a quiet house. 

We thought, given the forecast, we should get Paul's car off the street, so I drove it to Nina's to park in their lot, and then walked home. It was a very cold, but nice walk! I got to listen to Fr Mike and the Bible on the way home. 

I am hoping that Mass won't be canceled, but the weather is supposed to be really bad by then, so we'll see. John went to work so I hope he is watching the roads and comes home before they get bad. Who knows, maybe it will miss us. Haha. I am ready for Spring. 

I am listening to Fr John speaking right now. I hope that all of these videos can be shared, because is some amazing content here. Very challenging. He is speaking about the demands of discipleship. What we need to be doing to build up the body of Christ. 

Today, at 2:00, I will be able to watch a live stream of Maggie Watkins wedding!  Even though we can't be there, we will be able to watch the blessed event on the screen. 

Tim and I will be heading to Mass at 4:00 and then we will come home and tuck in for the night. Not sure what is happening for dinner. 

Dinner is beef stew. 

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