Thursday, February 4, 2021

Horsing Around

 Today is a school day, of course! Which we finished as quickly as possible so that we could go down to the farm and hang out with IVY!

Yes, Lilly has decided that this girl needs a better name, and Nina and I agree that Ivy is perfect. It is actually a good fit with her registered name as well. 

I felt really awful last night. The fourth time in a couple of months that this has happened. I just get horribly nauseous and my stomach hurts. I got sick the last two times, but I managed to escape that part of it last night. I have decided to stick with milder foods for awhile. Ugh. I really hope that doesn't happen again. 

I had some stuff to catch up on with the small groups that I am in and Respect Life emails to send, and then I taught a class to the co-op kids via Zoom. It was on the Aztecs, Mayans and Incan religions. I had to do some research, but it was pretty interesting. 

I am going to do some more of Grandma Maggie's journals tonight. Tomorrow is a short school day, because Friday. We may go back down to see our girl in the afternoon, if the weather is OK.

She does love her snacks!

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