Thursday, February 18, 2021

Some Problems....

 Woke up to a dead boiler! It was so cold!! We noticed that it was really cold in the house last night, so it much have gone down around 9:00. Tim messed around with it and it's running again, but we don't know why it stopped, so that's a bit concerning.

ICE! We also woke up to very little snow, but a whole lot of ice, and it is continuing! What a mess! I was glad to be able to stay in and stay warm, once it was warm. Might be a bread baking day. 

I was very happy to get a hot shower, considering that I didn't think that was going to be possible when I got up. I really need to appreciate the little things more. 

I have been reading and working on the other blog today. Have to head into the kitchen in a few to make dinner. 

Jambalaya and biscuits. YUM!

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