Friday, February 5, 2021

Today's News

 What a beautiful sunny day!! Thank you Lord! The breeze is chilly, but the sun is out and the snow is melting off. I am so glad. Maggie can get out through the downstairs now. She has had to go out through the front door upstairs because she couldn't get up the hill and it was cramping all of our styles.

Maggie is now 11 years old!! She is still our princess and we are so thrilled that she has made it this far with few health issues. She has trouble with her back and hips, but then, so do I. Sterling is her self-proclaimed best friend.

Today we are doing a bit of school, because Monday was a snow day and there are a few things to catch up on. We didn't got to the farm to walk the ponies because Lisa isn't there for the next couple of weeks.

Paul has headed out on a ski trip in Ohio, or I think the skiing is taking place in PA but he is staying with friends. Hopefully the old blue van won't give him any trouble. He has great faith in it!

I am finally going to get to go to Adoration and Mass tonight! It has been days! First the snow canceled everything and then I got sick and thought that I'd better stay home yesterday. I have been doing my prayers every day, of course, and God is always good, but I just love being in His presence at Adoration.

I am also writing a bit today on my very, very slow story. The poor main character is really hanging in limbo and I need to help her!

We are on day 36 in the Bible in a Year. Manna!! God is trying to show the Israelites who He is to them. They get a little whiney....

We went to Adoration and Mass, and I got to go to confession. It was a wonderful evening! Thank you Lord!

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