Saturday, February 6, 2021

Sweet Saturday

 Nice day today! It's cold, but not bitter. 

I was able to go for a walk earlier and by the time I got back I was way too hot. It was nice to be out in the outdoors. 

This afternoon Lilly had her first ride on Ivy at the farm. It was cold but they just did great! Ivy takes good care of her girl. The ring was really sloppy, but Ivy didn't seem to mind. She is good hearted and solid-minded, which is really such a Blessing. Lilly will be able to ride her for years and they will teach each other so much! 

After the ride I shopped at Wegman's and came home for coffee and to get ready for Mass at 4:00. I bought some nice Cod. It will be a nice change. Paul is going to stay with his friends an extra night because we are supposed to get bad weather again tomorrow. Ugh. No more snow, please!

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