Monday, February 22, 2021

Here Comes the Sun(day)

 Ah Sunday! What a wonderful day! It's still freezing, but the sun is out and the snow will be melting off over the next few days. 

John has decided to move up to Nina's basement, as a between measure. He can save money on rent because he only has to pay her about a third of what he would need to pay for an apartment. He has the whole basement, except the laundry room, and Nina is going to put a door on the room that he has. He also has access to the kitchen and shower of course. 

We will be doing some reorganizing around here as he moves his things up there. Brendan will be able to fix up his room to suit him. He will also be able to work up there and have his own space, which he cherishes.

I have the storage spaces to work on, and I have a lot of cleaning to do! Worked in Brendan's room to get stuff stowed, dusted and vacuumed. We will do a bit more and then I will get a new double mattress and put up the double bed in that room. It will be nice for Brendan to have a bigger bed, and I can also use that as a guest room when we have people over. It needs something done with the floor though. New carpet or flooring of some sort. The carpet is still the original...

I am really looking forward to the warmer weather more than ever. I want to get out and walk and take pictures! I just love our town when things start waking up!

I made teriyaki chicken, rice and roasted broccoli for dinner. It was good! 

I'm going to work on the logs for a while.

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