Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Snow, School and Stuff

 Well, the snow keeps coming, but we don't have an unmanageable amount here. It's not even worth shoveling. It sure is pretty though!

Nina brought Lilly down this morning on her way to work. She is working in the basement and I need to finish filling our her lesson plan for today. 

I do hope to get out for a walk this afternoon. 

Missing Mass and Adoration today, but I am listening to Fr Mike Schmitz every day. The Bible in a year. 

One of the reasons that I am getting back to blogging is that I have taken up typing Grandma Maggie's journals again and I realize how precious it is for me to go back and read about the lives of the people that came before me. I have also been putting my blog into a Word Document, and reading all the years of documentation and looking at pictures. Wow. I don't want to stop now. Facebook took a lot of the daily updates and I really wish that I had just kept it in the blog. I am off Facebook, but I may go back a bit and pull out some of the old news and pictures to put into the blog. We'll see. 

This is what my Grandma did:

Nothing hi-tech there!

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