Friday, February 19, 2021

Happy Friday!

 It is very cold, and icy and just plain uncomfortable out there. 

So this is a good day to stay inside. 

Lilly is here for school, and I have been working on blogs, bible studies and baking bread! Holy alliteration Batman! 

I decided that I would make Mom's Cracked Wheat Bread, since I have the cracked wheat. Now that's a funny story. I ordered cracked wheat from Amazon just before Christmas and between the holiday deliveries and the Covid mess with the mail, they were completely overwhelmed. So the day my delivery came, I got an email saying that my cracked wheat had been delivered. I went out and sure enough, on the deck was a small package. I brought it in and opened it up and it was a toddler's hoodie. So, not cracked wheat at all. I contacted them and they refunded my money and said to keep the hoodie. I gave it to a friend to give to her daughter for Christmas, and then I waited until after Christmas to order again. So today was the day. It came out just like I remember!


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