Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Fat Tuesday

 I have never been into Fat Tuesday, but tomorrow the season of Lent does begin. 

It's always such a grace-filled time! My goals are to get up at 5:30 EVERY morning, except Sundays. Right now I do on the early Mass days, but on the other three it's hit or miss. I will also add morning and evening prayer, from the Breviary, steer clear of the junk food, and try to pray at the clinic in Fullerton once a week. Tim and I usually go on Saturday. and I will be reading through these books. 

40 Days for Life will start a new campaign tomorrow! Another 40 days of praying for moms, babies, and medical workers. It is the most effective way to share the gospel of life! God always pours our grace during these times. 

Took Lilly down to ride. Our girl was a mess! Wow. She has been enjoying the mud. She was willing to go into the barn this time, so that's progress. She was great out in the ring, but it was very sloppy so Lilly didn't do much more than walk. A little trotting, but we don't need her highness slipping and hurting herself. 

When I got home I found this!

I am really excited! 
Lilly is doing a study of the Susquehanna River this semester for Science and this is a guide to the geology of a portion of the river. It is excellent! We can do a couple of hikes and see all of it! 
I am going to see if anyone in TORCH wants to join us!

Well it's almost time for dinner and I have to get ready for a small group in a bit.

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