Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Beautiful Life


Today is the Anniversary of two of the greatest people I have ever known, and a couple that knows no comparison.

People frequently achieve notice individually for their character, intellect, physical achievements, etc. It's pretty amazing, however for two people together to achieve an inspirational life by virtue of their togetherness.

That is Dick and Sue. Mom and Dad. Grandma and Grandpa.

I can only imagine 45 years of common purpose, shared joy and sorrow.
I know when the scary times have come along that I have been so comforted in knowing that what Mom is going through, Dad is going through and vice versa. The scary times come along for all of us. What a Blessing to have the one God gave you beside you until you are beside Him.
The days go by and we are all going one direction, towards an eternity. Those days are so rich and fulfilling when you are traveling towards Eternity with the one soul that you know wants you to find Heaven more than they want it for themselves.

That is Dick and Sue.
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for the road map to the joy at Cana. And can you imagine? He is saving the best wine for last!


Anonymous said...

No surprise to you that when I asked your mom to think about what her advice would be after 45 years of marriage, she answered without pause and said, "to be friends first. And not make mountains out of molehills." I'll put that in my pocket for daily reference and maybe someday Mark and I will stand on the tall block with a gold medal around our necks like they are - after 45 YEARS! They are the champions of our day!
Love to you in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Now that Laura has told me how to make comments to blog entries, I can respond to this one for both your Dad and I.
Thank you for writing such a beautiful entry on our 45th wedding anniversary. It brought tears to our eyes, for sure.
Our 45 years together have been the best! We both marvel at how patient God has been with us over the years, just waiting at times for us to "get the picture". We thank Him daily for keeping us in the palm of His hand and for the countless blessings we have had all along. We remark often that God has been very gentle with us.
These past 45 years have been ones of true friendship, lots of laughter, growth in faith, and just plain old appreciation for a most blessed life together.
Thank you, Jennifer, and God bless you.
Dad and Mom