Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey Lucy! Want a birthday?

Well, I am anxiously awaiting a call from Laura and Andrew that Lucy has decided to make her debut. I am still hoping that she will decide that tomorrow would be as good a day as any. I'd love to give my birthday away to my darling granddaughter!
I am all ready to go. I just have to throw all the stuff in the car and get up there. So Lucy...

Today we had a pretty laid back day. It was raining like crazy all night last night. We made it to Mass and it was still coming down pretty hard. John wanted to go to confession because Fr Kempski was there. He always likes to go to him. He says he knows he will have to start going to Fr Jay one of these days. It's nothing personal but Fr K was the one who did his first confession a couple of years ago and I think he's just so comfortable with him. It's so funny. About once a month all the kids go up to Fr K after Friday a.m. Mass and ask to have confession. Father is so patient, I know it sets his morning back about half an hour!

We didn't have too much to do for school. All three boys had math and piano. John had a few things to finish up from earlier in the week. His Math is a challenge but he is doing well. He is learning formulas that he will use next year in early Algebra. He is also getting into adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. We have been doing some Geometry exercises with the home improvement projects that we are doing. He is calculating perimeters and square footage and getting darn good at it!
I have been having both boys read for History. They are both enjoying that.
Brendan is going to be in the the next reader very soon! I am going to keep him going on those all summer. He will also be doing a math lesson or two each week.
Paul is just catching a bit of school when he is in the mood. He is reading really well and has the basic Math concepts down, so I am not really doing a whole lot at this point in the year.

Tomorrow is pool clean-up day at our pool. Then I am going to dig up a little of the lawn in anticipation of Monday. Have to get the grass out and the landscape cloth down. Then when the stone is delivered I can start placing them. I'll bet I'm going to be somewhat sore.

Sunday is the Knights of Columbus Bull roast. We do have tickets and I got a babysitter. We are going to have Mark Hoppel come over for the first time. The boys just love him. John is getting old enough to know the rules and actually be a help. We will be right up the street and I will call to check on them. Our neighbor will be home and he is happy to check in too.

I think I may beg off on Art on Monday. If the stone is coming and we can get school out of the way, I want to work on that in the afternoon.
I'll probably skip Scouts too for that matter. Brendan is all done and ready to move up to Wolves. All John has left is his Knife requirement. I guess I'd better get him a knife so we can work on that. The next meeting after this is the crossover, where they move to the next level. Then no more scouting stuff until the big camping trip in August. I love it when things start to wind down!
I am thinking we will probably finish school in the middle of May and then do field trips for the balance of the month. We'll be in Frostburg for a while in May, but I can take school along.

Well, I should have more pictures to post this weekend. Lots doing!

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Laura said...

I'm working on it! She's just so happy in utero! Today is your birthday! I did not mail your gift because I thought you'd be here today...sigh. I will call you when it reaches a decent hour! We love you!