Saturday, April 28, 2007

One Year Closer to Heaven!

So here I am at 43.
I am so very grateful to God for the life He has blest me with!
A wonderful family, a vocation that fits me perfectly, and the health to see it all through.
There will be two new little people in my life this year! A wonderful new world as grandparents for Tim and I and the boys will be such good uncles!
I have my wonderful vocation within Regnum Christi. That is a precious gift that has truely raised life to a different plane. To Suzanne goes my deepest thanks for being so faithful in tending the seed that was planted.
I think the only thing about life at this moment that puzzles me, is the lack of more little feet running around OUR house.
I am becoming more acutely aware of each passing month and year.
It is such a strange feeling, after years of children coming along so easily, to keep saying "yes!" and keep hearing a gentle "no". It is not exactly painful, as it would be if we had not been able to have had children at all, or had had years of miscarraiges as some women do. I am infinitely grateful to God for all my beautiful children! I am grateful to Him for the little one that we didn't get to share this life with, but who waits for us in the next. Thank You sweetie for all your prayers and help from where you are.
I know that there is always a very good reason anytime we pray and are told "I have a different plan for you." I am very happy living His perfect plan. I just have to be patient to find what it is!
I just wonder, sometimes, why we haven't been given a promotion lately.
We have prayed about adopting, it just seems that that isn't His plan either.

Still, this is going to be an amazing year! I can't wait to meet all these babies! Laura, Nina, April Taylor, it's just mind boggling!

I give You thanks, Almighty God, for all Your good Gifts and loving care. And mostly for the precious gift of your Son, who has given me a life that will not be measured in years, but in Love.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to our sweet daughter, Happy Birthday to you!!
We love you so very much. This blog entry today is so beautiful. As parents, there is no better blessing than to know your children are truly happy in their lives. Doing God's will is a sure road to happiness here on earth; God bless you, Jennifer, as you and your family "cooperate with God" and receive His many graces.
Mom and Dad
P.S. By the way, we love the bird pictures in your blog, too.