Monday, April 30, 2007

Lots of progress!

A very busy weekend, and lots of progress!
Saturday I started working on digging out the grass in the yard. Man, that is some hard work!
The grass in that area isn't even very healthy. The boys were out there helping. Brendan sat there on the porch "worm-spotting". Every time he'd see a worm he say "There's one , watch out! Don't hurt it!" I wasn't really able to be efficient and humane at the same time. He kept looking at me like I was murdering puppies, and then he said "Man, I hate killing." So I sent them inside to spare them the gruesome spectacle.

Tim finished the ceiling in the new room! It looks so nice! I'm so excited because it really looks like a room now. No more awful rafters.
Next comes the wainscotting and then the floor.
I am still trying to figure out what kind of furnishings to use. I have been looking at different kinds of chairs. I have a couple of bookcases and I want to get a square coffee table.

School is so much nicer now that it is Spring! The boys wanted to read outside today. They got to see some Goldfinches on the feeder while they were out there.
It's so warm out today!

The Knight's Bull Roast was a huge success! I think they really raised a lot of money. The plan is that it will go to seminarians. Everyone was having so much fun and the food was great. Mark and the boys had fun and I am really very pleased with the dynamic between them. John is really very responsible and the other two were very good. So I feel comfortable with Mark as a sitter for short term outings. As he gets a bit older I will feel comfortable having them here for longer times. I really like the fact that Mark is mature enough to make decisions and handle things and yet still young enough to enjoy being here and hanging out with them. I really trust Mark in his behavior. I've known him since he was about 5 and I see him at daily Mass and I've had some good talks with him.

So onward and upward. May is upon us! I am trying to finish everything I start as quickly as possible so that when Laura calls I can just pack up and go.

Well, back to school!


Laura said...

It all looks so beautiful!! And the grass looks so healthy!I am very impressed!

Anonymous said...

We too are very impressed. Wow, you have been working hard. The stone looks great and, Tim, you have done such a beautiful job on the room. We are proud of you, doing all that yourself. We are proud of both of you and enjoy seeing the pictures of all you are doing on your house and yard.
Yep, Jen, you are right; you are becoming your Dad!
Oh, yes, love the picture of the boys reading. Such cute guys!
Mom and Dad